Flirting Lines: 5 Tips on Flirting With Women

So, you’re in a bar and you’ve spotted a nice looking girl. What do you do or say? For a lot of men, the first few seconds talking to women determines whether or not they’ll have a great night out. Most guys strike out the first time because they use cheesy flirting lines. Avoid this yourself and follow these five flirting tips for men on how to flirt with women:

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1) Have a confident but polite opening line ready. You’ll be tempted to use a lot of the funny flirting lines you hear on TV and find on the Internet, but that just doesn’t work in real life. To use those flirting lines, a lot of your success will depend on the situation, the girl and your delivery, and nine times out of ten one of those things won’t line up with the others. Instead, choose something relevant that could open up a conversation. Ask whether she’s a student or alumni at the same school or whether she works with somebody you know. You’re sure to get a response with those.

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2) Smile. Most guys are so used to chat room flirt that they forget the personal connection that comes without a webcam. When you’re face to face with a girl, a genuinely confident smile is worth a thousand flirting lines. For any evening or event, you’ll find that at least one girl will smile back. When you find a girl who smiles back at you, you’re in.

3) Compliment the lady. You wouldn’t be talking to her if you didn’t find something nice about her in the first place. Is it her hair? Her smile? What drew you to her? Forget about fancy flirting lines and tell her she has nice eyes. Who doesn’t love a good compliment?

4) Talk with your body. It’s not just the words or flirting lines you speak but how you act that matters. Face your body towards her and lean in slowly. Maybe you’ll get the chance to hold her hand. Even simple eye contact is a subtle way of driving home those flirting lines you used.

5) Practice. So you probably won’t hit a home run on your first time, but that shouldn’t discourage you; you’re still learning how to flirt with women. The more you try out your best flirting lines, the better your delivery will be.

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You’ll never get a girl if you don’t try, so go over these flirting tips for guy like yourself and try them out this Friday night. While it’s better to be yourself, you’ll never know when those few flirting lines you know will come in handy.

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Chat Room Flirt: Three Ways To Meet Women Online

The advent of the Internet has made it possible for men to find themselves in chat room flirt with women. A lot of the difficulties associated with making up flirting lines and how to flirt with women in person are now gone, but there are also new challenges in this high tech hook-up scene. Below are some ways you can gain an advantage when you’re in a chat room flirt.

Chat Room Flirt Tips

1) Think of a good username. In most chatting sites, your username is your whole identity. It’s the very first thing a girl will see, so make sure it’s creative but at the same time reveals a bit about who you are. It’s generally not advisable for a chat room flirt if you go with euphemisms. You might score one or two women with this method, but it’s fallen out of favor for more conservative names. Some sites might also ban you if you’re too explicit with your chat room flirt name.

2) Maintain some propriety. Just because a girl decides to chat with you doesn’t mean you’re good for the rest of the session. Remember, you’re probably not the only chat room flirt she’s talking with. While other guys might be too forthcoming, relax and be polite. It will be a refreshing change for the ladies to find someone who has manners on the Internet. According to most flirting tips for guy, it helps to be unique among the hundred of other chat room flirt out there.

3) Get to know the girl and vice-versa. Just as if you weren’t a chat room flirt and you were doing this face to face, you would want to learn more about the girl. This not only lets you see if she’s the kind of girl you like, it’ll make her feel more comfortable and be more inclined to keep the session open. Chat with her online as if you were flirting with girls offline, and you’ll find that this chat room flirt is just as easy as talking to a girl in person.

It’s easy to find a chat room flirt with a girl, but it’s just as easy for them to terminate the chat session. Don’t worry as there are lots more women looking for a chat room flirt. Be patient, keep your eyes open, and you may end flirting with girls that you like all night.

Flirting Tips For Men: 5 Tips On Getting Your Girl

If you’re like most guys, it’s not the prospect of striking out that scares you, but how to keep the conversation going after that. You may have looked for flirting lines on the Internet or general flirting tips for men. Many will argue that it’s something that can only be learned. However, the most basic ways to flirt with girls is already built into guys. It’s just a matter of coaxing out those techniques.

To get your confidence going, follow these five flirting tips for men.

Flirting Tips For Men

1) Be yourself. Sounds to simple, right? The truth about most flirting tips for men is they only focus on those pick-up or flirting lines. Remember, this isn’t a chat room flirt, so it’s best not to act like somebody else. Women are unusually perceptive about this and it can be a turn off for them if you’re not being true to yourself or you’re just following the flirting tips for men blindly.

2) Don’t overreach. While you probably want to flirt with girls all night long, you won’t get anywhere if you go from one to another. Have a short list in your mind of the girls you find attractive, and approach one of them. If you hit it off with one of them, you probably don’t need to read any more flirting tips for men.

3) Talk about things you have in common. You don’t have to look very far in order to find common topics to talk about. You might have attended the same high school, college or university, or you may be from the same state. Don’t just apply these flirting tips for men; find current events that both of you are aware of. Among the many flirting tips for men, this is probably the easiest to do as you don’t need to research on any special subjects, just the things you think off at that moment.

4) Keep it light. It’s great to find things in common with a girl, but don’t let that tempt you into talking about your top five favorite sci-fi films or comic books. Keep the conversation light, simple and flowing. You don’t want to have to reach for those flirting tips for men you just printed out for occasions like this.

5) Listen. While you may have listed down the best jokes and flirting lines you found on the internet, it’s good to have that in your pocket without having to use them. The night isn’t just about you; it’s also about your date. Get to know her a bit more. She’s also probably thinking about how she can apply these flirting tips for men to her case while she’s talking to you.

Don’t forget the most important of these flirting tips for men: Practice. If you really want to flirt with girls, you’ll have to spend more time practicing your lines and less time reading about flirting tips for men on the Internet.